Vanilla Sandalwood Soy Wax Melts


Our vanilla sandalwood soy wax melts are scented with high-quality, body-safe fragrance oil. Vanilla Sandalwood has a gently sweet, woody scent that is perfect for setting a cozy atmosphere in the home. A solid year-round classic!

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No additives, no dyes, and no-frills, our simple vanilla sandalwood soy wax melts are carefully blended and hand-poured into convenient clamshell packaging. We use pure soy wax and add high-quality, body-safe fragrance oils to our non-essential-oil melts to make a simple, yet efficient product.

NOTE: Pure vanilla sandalwood soy wax melts do not throw scent like a paraffin blend wax melt. We loaded these soy wax melts to the maximum fragrance load for pure soy wax, which is still stronger than a pure soy wax candle, but not more potent than cheap, mixed wax scented with synthetic oils. Nonetheless, we find that one wax burner in the center of the room is perfect for our moderately-sized, open-concept common area.

Soy Wax Facts

Soy wax is famously temperamental. If poured too hot, soy wax will not set well or will frost; too cool and the wax will be riddled with sinkholes. To top that, pure soy wax does not retain the fragrance load that other waxes and wax blends hold. So why use it? We have found soy wax to be superior to other waxes for its clean burn and compostability. Pure soy wax contains no carcinogens, pollutants, or toxins and is easy to work with once one has the process down. We love the natural color of soy wax and how it varies slightly depending upon the oils used. Soy wax is smooth, clean, and natural–what more could we want?

Vanilla Sandalwood Soy Wax Melt Dimensions

> Clam-shell packages are 4.25 inches long and 2.88 inches wide and 1 inch deep.

> Package is divided into 6 cubes that weight about 0.5 ounces each for a total of 3 ounces of wax per package.

> We use two cubes at a time in our burner and change them out every 3 – 5 days.

> Our plastic clam-shell packaging can be recycled.

> You should expect to see frosting or some tunneling. Pure soy wax is well-known for doing this so manufacturers often blend it with a less sustainable wax to avoid imperfections. We would rather keep a clean, pure soy wax around for our young family than to blend it with other waxes or additives for aesthetics. Simple is better!

How to Use and Care for Your Soy Wax Melt

– Add two cubes to basin of wax burner.

– DO NOT add water.

– AVOID leaving a wax burner on for more than 4 hours at a time.

– DO NOT leave a wax burner on unattended.

– NEVER melt wax melts on the stove, in a pan that you cook with, or over fire. We did not design these wax melts for that purpose.

– Keep out of reach of animals and children.

– Store in a cool, dry place out of sunlight.

– Avoid storing wax melts in a place exposed to extended sunlight exposure as it will turn the soy wax yellow. A yellowed soy wax melt is still perfectly fine to use; just no longer a soft, creamy color.

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Weight6 oz
Dimensions4.25 × 2.88 × 1 in


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