Unscented Soap Bars: Unscented Plain | Unscented Goat’s Milk | Unscented Charcoal | Dead Sea Clay | Traditional Castile Olive Oil Soap


These lovely traditional olive oil castile unscented soap bars have a smooth, creamy lather that is gentle on skin and delightful to use. It leaves skin very clean with no residue left behind. Created with easily irritated skin in mind, our unscented soap collection is palm-free, coconut-free, and handmade in Arkansas.

Unscented Soap Bars

Unscented Plain: olive oil, water, castor oil, vitamin e oil
Unscented Goat’s Milk: olive oil, water, goat milk, castor oil, vitamin e oil
Unscented Charcoal: olive oil, water, castor oil, vitamin e oil, bamboo charcoal
Dead Sea Clay: olive oil, water, castor oil, vitamin e oil

Our Unscented Plain bar is the most basic soap we currently make. It is gentle, low-lather, and clean. No extras because some skin does not like the extras. The goat milk in the Unscented Goat’s Milk bar adds to the creaminess of the basic olive oil soap recipe. For those with sensitive skin that tolerates goat’s milk, an unscented goat’s milk bar is excellent for extra moisturizing. Unscented Charcoal is intended to be a working bar: use it to cleanse and balance oily skin. Our Dead Sea Clay bar is also a working bar: it is smooth and silky. Designed for shaving or as a lotion-like bar on sensitive skin, Dead Sea Clay soap bars are a fantastic addition to anyone’s soap stash!


> One unscented soap bar lasts our family 4-6 weeks in the shower or 8-12 weeks at the sink.
>Minimum bar weight: 3 ounces
> Bar size: 2.5” wide x 2.25” tall x 0.88” thick

Unscented Soap Bar Instructions

> Store soap bars in a cool location out of direct sunlight. Keep them wrapped in wax paper or store them in your dresser drawers to scent your clothing.
> After use, put the soap bar on a soap deck and allow it to dry so it will last longer!
> Do not leave the soap bar in a puddle of water. Olive oil castile soap bars will not dry out in a puddle (which is one reason they are amazingly moisturizing).

The Story Behind Our Soap Bars

Our traditional olive oil castile soap bars are a recipe passed down from my mother, the original family soap-maker. When my youngest brother began breaking out in scaly, itchy rashes all over his body, the dermatologist-recommended soaps and creams did not work. After the expense and frustration of a series of failed trials, my mom began experimenting with soap recipes until she finally settled on a traditional olive oil castile soap base of saponified olive oil and water. Once satisfied with her recipe, she cleared the house of detergents, lotions, and store-bought soap bars. My brother’s breakouts ceased, dry skin disappeared, and our skin felt soft and moisturized. A year later, my mother founded Cadron Creek Soapworks llc to help support the family farm and share her soaps.

Fast forward eleven years: my own family is heartbroken over not being able to move back to our university jobs and apartment in China. Determined to stay home together with our littles, we set about building a business that would produce quality, comforting home goods amidst a global pandemic. After much experimentation, Nothing Less Than Home, LLC was born. We currently work together with my mom at Cadron Creek Soapworks llc to make smaller, vendor event-friendly bars to pair with our candles, wax melts, and oils.


Unscented Plain, Unscented Goat's Milk, Unscented Charcoal, Dead Sea Clay


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