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Fragrance Oil Bath Minerals

– Almond Cherry: Epsom Salt, baking soda, fragrance oil, oats
– Antique Rose: Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, baking soda, fragrance oil, dried rose petals
– Honeysuckle Oat: Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, baking soda, fragrance oil, dried calendula petals
– Raspberry Vanilla: Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, baking soda, fragrance oil
– Sandalwood: Epsom Salt, Celtic Sea Salt, baking soda, fragrance oil
– Vanilla Honey Oat: Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, baking soda, oats, fragrance oil, dried honey crystals, vanilla bean powder

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Soothing, relaxing, and aromatic, scented bath minerals are a delightful way to rest after a long day. Our six body-safe fragrance oil bath mineral variations are designed to be fun and relaxing! We use a range of healthful salts for variety, color, and benefits. Likewise, everything in these baths is body-safe and basic: no dyes, no preservatives, no glitter, and body-safe fragrance oils we have used for years.

Almond Cherry is everything spring: bright, happy, and sweet. Our Antique Rose mineral bath smells exactly like a beautiful red rose and has dried, organic rose pedal pieces in the mix. Honeysuckle Oat is a sweet, nostalgic scent added to epsom and pink Himalayan salts. We added oats and dried, organic calendula pedals to this one. A solid classic scent, Raspberry Vanilla bath minerals are sweet and slightly tangy in scent. Sandalwood baths have a deep, woody scent that is luxurious and relaxing. Vanilla Honey Oat bath minerals are sweet and gentle on skin. The Vanilla fragrance oil is body-safe and not buttery like many other vanilla fragrance oils out there. We added powdered honey and oats  to make this bath even more enjoyable.

Packaging and Dimensions:

> Our scented bath minerals are packaged in PET plastic tubes with tight screwcap lids that are perfect for small gifts and stocking stuffers. Each tube holds enough minerals for two baths.
> Each tube is 1.25″W x 5.88″T
> Holds 4 ounces of minerals


> Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
> Pour half of one tube into bath while filling with warm/hot water (use whole tube for a large bath tub). Add 1/2 to 1 cup of Epsom salt for more salt without more fragrance. Test water temperature before stepping in.
> Avoid exposing cuts or wounds to a mineral bath–the salt will not feel good!
> Drain tub as usual when finished.
> Keep bath minerals away from eyes, nose, mouth, and cuts or wounds. I do not recommend letting kids or babies use these bath minerals as they are likely to splash around.

Custom Orders for larger batches are welcome!

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Fragrance Blend

Almond Cherry Oat, Antique Rose, Honeysuckle Oat, Raspberry Vanilla, Sandalwood, Vanilla Honey Oat


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