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Making it home wherever we are.

Making It Home Wherever We Are

We unexpectedly left our Chinese home in January 2020. We did not expect to be gone for long, but a month passed, then six. It took eight months for us to learn that we would not be able to return to our home there and ten before we could wrap our minds around that fact. Our university apartment was given to someone else. With no idea of what to do or where to go next, Josh and I started planning a business that would keep us home with our little ones, support our family, and help others feel more at home amidst a pandemic actively rearranging so many lives. One full year after leaving China, Nothing Less Than Home, LLC was born.

The thought and strategy that went into making our tiny Chinese apartment a cross-cultural home would later build Nothing Less. While living abroad, foreign families do what they can to make their apartment feel like home. Whether that’s always having sweet tea in the fridge despite judgement from national friends or hauling Yankee candles back after a Stateside visit, making a space feel like home is high on the priority list when “home” is half a world away.

Purposeful Products

Thanks to Covid-19 stripping away the extras, many of us are concentrating on our families and homes as if we were living abroad. We are improving, simplifying, and focusing our spaces. Josh and I founded Nothing Less Than Home, LLC to make quality products that meet these same goals. From essential oil candles and wax melts blended for a purpose to gentle traditional castile soap bars and laundry soap for sensitive skin, everything we produce is intended to serve families with safe and simple products. Additionally, we go for sustainability wherever we can so we use pure and natural materials in solid containers that can be used again. No additives, no frills, and no extras, our products are designed to add simple, mindful quality to a home, not to distract from what matters most.

We are excited that you are here and would love to hear about what makes wherever you are a home for you!

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